Auto Buying Services was established for the purpose of providing clients a hassle free, efficient, and pleasant automotive buying experience.

We act as your "auto buying concierge"

The services offered begin with an initial consultation assisting the client in the decision making process by surveying needs/desires to determine the type of vehicle to purchase. We perform research and provide comparison information, locate the vehicle of choice, and act on behalf of the client to negotiate the best available price. Arrangements are made for trade in assessment, to include bringing vehicle to dealer for trade in estimate. We accompany our clients to the dealership for finalization of the transaction. Pick up and delivery of the vehicle or client transportation is also provided, if desired. 

Fee Schedule

Basic Service Fee is $275.00 The basic service covers initial consultation, research and comparison information for up to three different vehicles, vehicle locator service, negotiation, and final consultation. Additional services beyond the basic service as described are available upon request.

Payment in full is required at the time of initial consultation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.....

If you are not satisfied that Auto Buying Services has saved you time, hassle, or an amount that exceeds the cost of our service, we will gladly refund the fee paid.